Careers and Post 16

Careers Lead: Nancy Sinclair


Work Experience

Students at the Albany have the option to engage in our work experience programme. This is usually accessed in Year 11 and generally placements are set up to be one day per week over the duration of a half term. This longer term approach gives students the opportunity to build a better relationship with their employer and gain a better understanding of the expectations of the work place. These placements form part of the student’s CV when they leave us and can lead to further paid employment and apprenticeships in the future.

CIAG (Careers Information Advice and Guidance)

Due to the changes in the law in 2015, all young people are now required to stay in education or training until they are 18. This is known as Raising the Participation Age and was implemented to encourage young people to become better qualified before they go into employment. At The Albany we have a Vocational Progression Leader, who supports students during their time at the school with their vocational learning, but also continues that support until they are 18. This enables students to have a point of contact with the school when they leave, who already knows them and can tailor assistance to their individual needs.
All students receive high levels of support with Careers Information Advice and Guidance within the PSHE curriculum and from 1:1 mentoring sessions with the Vocational Progression Leader. This ranges from support with college applications, visits to college, travel training, apprenticeship information and applications or any individual support which may be required. We also work closely in partnership with the Local Authority Transition Coaches who take on responsibility for any student who becomes NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) when they leave school.

Careers policy Education and Guidance and Vocational Learning Policy Nov 2020

Careers and Post 16 Provider Access Policy Nov 2020

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If you would like to support the school through a range of enrichment activities or opportunities, then please contact Nancy Sinclair, Lead Vocational Teacher via the school office: 01284 754065 or email: