The Albany takes its responsibility for keeping all its students safe very seriously, whether they are working with us on The Albany site, in our off-site vocational learning environments or accessing sporting and enrichment activities with local providers, supported by our staff. All staff, volunteers and visitors are made fully aware of their legal responsibilities to put the welfare and safety of young people at the forefront of all they do.

If you have concerns about the welfare of a young person at The Albany you must ask to speak to one of the designated trained safeguarding professionals who will be able to help.

Our school is one where students feel secure and are encouraged to talk freely if they are worried or concerned about something in school or out of school, safe in the knowledge that they will be listened to and that appropriate action will ALWAYS be pursued vigorously.

Our trained professionals with responsibility for safeguarding at The Albany are:

Claire HatliffDesignated Safeguarding Lead
 Acting as co-ordinator for all Safeguarding Leads, Child Protection (CP) and Child in Need (CIN) cases
Jane ReasonHeadteacher and Alternate Safeguarding Lead
Sarah BallantyneAlternate Safeguarding Lead
 Online Safety Lead
Emma OxnamAlternate Safeguarding Lead
 Lead for Children in Care (CIC) cases
Viv ProctorAlternate Safeguarding Lead
Tracey LeslieAlternate Safeguarding Lead
Pauline BirdAlternate Safeguarding Lead
Debbie PoultonAlternate Safeguarding Lead
Suzie KeableAlternate Safeguarding Lead
Nancy SinclairAlternate Safeguarding Lead
Cath BankGovernor with Responsibility for Safeguarding
Viv HughesChair of the BEST SEMH LGB