Values & Ethos


As a Believe Engage Succeed Trust (BEST) school, our actions and intentions are guided by the BEST touchstones:



Curiosity breathes life into our schools for both staff and pupils. Curiosity drives our innovative mindset and practice that success is achieved through such exploration.

Community Belonging

We value strength of building strong relationships through partnerships involving the individual, family, health, social care and education professionals. Everyone is welcome here. These strong relationships underpin our personal development and academic educatinal offer to each of our pupils.

Everyone matters

We celebrate that all people are different and can play their individual role in the BEST family whatever their background, learning style or ability. We aspire to unlock the potential in everyone whilst placing their wellbeing at our core. Everyone’s voice matters equally.


We treat all members of our community with compassion and care at all times. We provide structure and nurture through a person centered, needs led approach. We work tirelessly to meet the needs of our pupils, their families and our staff.


We facilitate pupils and adults flourishing in their development and learning through building a reflective, resilient and creative community. We believe that everyone can succeed in their goals. We strive continually to make effective improvements.

At The Albany, these touchstones are evidenced through our intrinsic belief in the power of relationships to build trust, affect change and empowers learners. This philosophy is rooted in a knowledge that:

  • I’m Ok, You’re OK
  • Anyone can think
  • Everyone can change

The growth mind-set that this engenders is within every adult so that we can inspire this in our students. Our community of students may have experienced many challenges and hurdles, and can arrive believing that this history defines their future; that the world believes they are not OK, that the change is not possible and they cannot be successful. We aim to redefine failure as a step towards new learning; challenges as hurdles we can overcome and be successfull with.
We aim to build our students’ Belief in themselves so that they can Engage with their learning (personal, social, creative, physical and academic), thus Achieving success.

At the center of our community are the Rights and Responsibilities (see British Values) we all have. These guide our actions and responses and help build the understanding of the impacts our actions and behaviours have on others, beneficial and otherwise. Supporting this is a restorative approach to conflict resolution, building greater accountability within each of us to our whole community.

At The Albany every day is a new day, every moment a new oppotunity for success. This experience has been captured by a former student describing this experience as –

‘Thumbs up to a new beginning!’